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Full body massage 50min

A classic massage using specific massage techniques to loosen muscles, stimulate metabolism and promote circulation.
CHF 90.00

Sports Massage 50min

Vigorous massage techniques ease tension and stiffness before or after sport activities.
CHF 90.00

Lymph Drainage 50min

The purpose of lymph drainage is to activate the body’s lymphatic system. Using gentle, stroking movements while applying light pressure, the lymph nodes and lymph tracts are stimulated and the flow of lymph is enhanced. The heightened lymph flow improves the overall state of the immune system. Lymph drainage is recommendable in the case of allergies, blockages such as oedema, heavy, overtired legs, and after an operation or accident.
CHF 90.00

Food Reflex zone massage 50min

Foot reflex zone massage targets specific reflex points on the feet through massage. This special massage technique applied on the soles of the feet works to restore harmonious circulation throughout the body by taking best advantage of the body’s own healing power and energy flows. It is a wonderfully sensitive, appealing form of activation massage.
CHF 90.00